Green Land Naeba – Japan 2020/9/19-22

VJたちの夜 -Flashback Sunshine-The Night of the VJ’s -Flashback Sunshine-

English Below
VJ たちの夜 -Flashback Sunshine-

本日のアップデートは、SUNSHINE FESTIVALの大事なアート・セクションで活躍するVJチームAfterlifeVisualをご紹介します。AfterlifeVisualは南アフリカ出身のクレイグ・シャックルトンとウェイン・エルスからなるオーディオビジュアル、VJとDJチームです。


SUNSHINE FESTIVALでは2017年から毎年、夜の世界を煌びやかに演出してくれています。彼らはVJチームですが勢いよく世界中のサイトランス・フェスティバルを飛び回っています(BOOM FESTIVAL、modem Festival、ORIGIN FESTIVAL、Universo Paralelloなど)。それもそのはず、SUNSHINE FESTIVALの要であるデコレーションチームArtescapeの作品に映像で動きを引き出す役割を果たすために一緒に活動しているからなのです。




‘The Night of the VJ’s ‘-Flashback Sunshine –
Today we would like to introduce you to our VJ team, AfterlifeVisual, which has now become one of the crucial components of our festival.
AfterlifeVisual is a AV, VJ, and DJ unit operated by Craig Shackleton and Wayne Ellis.
They work very closely with our deco crew, Artescape, and together they have helped produce Boom, modem, ORIGIN, and Universo Paralello, to name a few.
We have booked AfterlifeVisual since 2017 and once you’ve experienced their deep psychedelic video mapping performance that almost penetrates into your chakra, it stays with you for life. Carin Dickson’s (Artescape director) masterpieces become alive with the magic of AfterlifeVisual. Yes, the highlight of their work is at night, but if you pay attention to the deco during the day, they are projecting natural effects on to the deco to enrich the experience throughout the day.
Art, light, music, nature, vibe and you…all come together to create that sacred dance floor.
PS. Craig and Wayne were so impressed with our projector that they purchased the same equipment back home. (They got a lot better deal than us. Great things happen to great people, I guess.) We look forward to seeing more of their finest creations with those projectors.
If you want to know more about AfterlifeVisual, please visit our website and FB fan page.

With Love and gratitude
SUNSHINE FESTIVAL Executive Committe