Green Land Naeba – Japan 2020/9/19-22

サイケデリック空間の創造主 -Flashback Sunshine-The Creator of Sunshine Psychedelia

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サイケデリック空間の創造主 -Flashback Sunshine-

本日のアップデートは、SUNSHINE FESTIVAL のデコレーションを担当するARTESCAPEの創始者カリン・ディクソンについてご紹介します。
前回のSUNSHINE FESTIVAL では、ARTESCAPEのデコレーションと、AfterlifevisualのVJの完璧なコンビネーションの元またもや伝説的なダンスフロアを出現させてくれました。
ARTESCAPE ことカリン・ディクソンは、南アフリカの港町ダーバン出身、そこを拠点に活動するサイケデリック・ビジュアル・アーティストです。好きな食べ物は「寿司とチーズ!」と無邪気に語る彼女に気になるあれこれを尋ねてみました。
Q . サイケデリック・ビジュアル・アートを始めたのはいつ頃ですか?
Q .あなたが作品作りのためのインスピレーションを得るのは場所や人など、どんなところからでしょうか?
Q .今まで手がけたダンスフロアの中で一番印象に残っている場を教えてください。
カリン「Origin Festival2019と、Psy-fi 2019のダンスフロアは今までに手がけた中でベストなものになりました。Boom Festival2018 ではとても大きなチャレンジを体験しました。今までで一番大きなフロアでしたし、全体のコンセプトと空間のメインデザイナーの一人としてフロアの全てのファブリックを描きました。そしてベストサンシャインステージは、前回の2019年です。常に改良を重ねて毎年良くなってきていると感じています。」

Origin Festival2019


Psy-fi 2019


Boom Festival2018




Q .サンシャイン・ファンの皆さんへ一言お願いします♪

現在はサイケデリック・ファンのためのホームユースな作品を製作・販売しているカリン。日本国内ではサンシャイン・スピリットのウェブサイトで購入できます !







Flashback Sunshine
The Creator of Sunshine Psychedelia

We feel blessed to have ARTESCAPE come every year to manage the decorations at Sunshine Festival. Today we would like to introduce the founder of ARTESCAPE, Carin Dickson.

Carin Dickson is the mastermind and visionary behind ARTESCAPE. She is a Capetown South African based artist, specializing in decorative shaded environments, large scale art installations & bespoke stage designs.

For the past 14 years ARTESCAPE has been one of the global driving forces in the evolution of festival art and décor. Carin began her psychedelic art journey in the year 2000 by hand painting UV backdrops as a hobby, whilst working full time as a professional mural artist. In 2006, Carin received her first international invitation to display her UV backdrops at a festival in Germany and since then ARTESCAPE has evolved into a full time business supporting a large internationally based team of fellow artisans and professional riggers.

At our previous Sunshine, the collaboration between ARTESCAPE and the world class lighting team, Afterlifevisual and Daroom were match made in heaven, a perfect complimentary chemistry to create that legendary dance floor.

Quick Profile:
Name: Carin Dickson aka ARTESCAPE
Current activity base: Visual artist based in Capetown, South Africa
Favorite food: Sushi and cheese !

Q1: When did you start making psychedelic art?
A: I started hand painting psychedelic backdrops in the year 2000. I’ve been creating large scale psychedelic art for the past 20 years.


Q2: Where do you get your inspirations?
A: A lot of my inspiration comes from nature. Also patterns found in history, old architecture and computer generated art like fractals, as well as, deep inner mind exploration whilst journeying on psychedelics.


Q3: Please tell us about the most memorable dance floor you have worked on.
A: I think for me, Psy-Fi 2019 is the best dance floor I’ve made, and also Origin Festival 2019 with the Shamanic trees. My best Sunshine stage is the last one in 2019. Always improving and getting better every year. Boom Festival 2018 was the most impressive & challenging dance floor to work on. The biggest one yet.


Origin Festival2019


Psy-fi 2019


Boom Festival2018




Q4: Please leave a word to fans of unshine!
A: Hello Sunshine Family! I miss you all, I miss making art for you and I really miss Japan! Hope to return soon and meet on the dance floor under the psychedelic sky again.

Carin is currently producing and selling home-use pieces for psychedelic fans.

In Japan, you can buy them at Sunshine Spirit’s website!

Click here for the link


If you want to know more about ARTESCAPE, please visit our website or FB fan page.

WEB site

FB Fan Page


With Love and Gratitude

Sunshine Festival Executive Committee