Green Land Naeba – Japan 2020/9/19-22

★ 会場MAPと会場利用について苗場グリーンランドからのお願い ★








★ 会場について、推奨アイテムとマストアイテム ★





◆== 当日の気温差 ==◆




★Requests from Naeba Greenland regarding the venue MAP and use of the venue

The last road leading to the venue (entrance) is narrow and has a one-way section. Please cooperate with us when entering and exiting the venue.
After parking your car, there is a narrow road (the road next to the artificial turf field) on the way to the camp site, after the entrance reception. Please proceed with caution and kindly give way to each other.
We prohibit the use of fire pits and open flame barbecues at the campsite, however gas stoves are allowed.
If you are found starting a fire at the campsite, you will be charged by the management association for the cost of repairing the site. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
In order to avoid “unloading traffic”, please park your car in the parking lot, unload your luggage, and head to the campsite instead of unloading on the road. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Once you enter the venue, you will not be able to drive your car in and out unless you are leaving the event and won’t return. Depending on the time, however, you may not be able to drive your car out immediately. We kindly ask for your understanding.
The two turf fields (artificial turf shown on the map) are completely off-limits. If you damage the grass or damage the turf, the venue management will charge you a repair fee.

★Recommended and must-have items for the venue★
Although there is little height difference in the venue, it is a horizontally long location. It takes about 10 minutes to walk from the farthest parking lot to the campsite and the main floor without carrying any luggage.
[Highly recommended.]
We recommend using a camping carry cart, as you may pass cars when transporting your belongings from the parking lot, and there are many unpaved roads.
[Please be sure to prepare]
There are no lights installed by the venue along the way from the parking lot to the campsite. SUNSHINE FESTIVAL has only limited amount of lights, so please do not forget your headlights or flashlights.

◆==Temperature differences on the day of the event ==◆
The local temperature on the day of the event will depend on the weather, but there will be a considerable difference in temperature between day and nighttime. According to the local staff, the temperature can be the same as midwinter.
The weather in the mountains is changeable, and it is expected to suddenly get cold. We plan to set up campfires on the dance floor, but please do not forget to take measures against the cold inside your tents, as campfires are not allowed at the camp site.