Green Land Naeba – Japan 2020/9/19-22

Liquid Soul, Ace Venturaの出演を楽しみにしていた皆さまへSUNSHINE FESTIVAL ARTIST INFORMATION

Liquid Soul, Ace Venturaの出演を楽しみにしていた皆さまへ

いつもSUNSHINE FESTIVAL を応援していただき誠にありがとうございます。
Liquid Soul, Ace Venturaの出演につきまして、出入国在留管理局の審査の結果、本年も来日が叶わない結果となりました。


半年以上前からこの件について入念に準備を進めてきた私たちとしても、今回の結果は非常に残念で仕方がありません。しかしながら、SUNSHINE FESTIVALそのものを楽しみにしてくれている皆さまの期待に応えられるよう、また、それでも当日は最高の3日間だったと感じてもらえるよう、前を向き引き続き準備を進めて参ります。

See you on the Dance Floor !

Regarding Liquid Soul and Ace Ventura Performances,
Thank you for your continued support of our event.
We are deeply saddened and disappointed to hear from the Immigration Office that their visas will not be granted this year and they will not be able to attend our festival.
Our deepest apologies to all of you who were looking forward to their sets. In order for them to perform at out festival, we have worked closely with experts of immigration laws for over 6 months, getting advice throughout each application process.
We are extremely frustrated and disappointed by this outcome. However, we will promise and continue to do our best to make the 3 days of our festival magical and sensational. Looking forward to seeing you all under a beautiful autumn sky full of SUNSHINE.
See you at the dance floor!
Sunshine Family
While we apologize for the inconvenience and understand how much you were looking forward to their performances, as it states in our ticket sales policies that we cannot refund your tickets for this sudden change. We appreciate your understanding.