Green Land Naeba – Japan 2020/9/19-22

SUNSHINE FESTIVAL 2022 開催中止のお知らせSunshine Festival 2022 Cancellation Notice

【SUNSHINE FESTIVAL 2022 開催中止のお知らせ 】
いつもSUNSHINE FESTIVALをサポートしていただき、誠にありがとうございます。
9月17日〜19日に開催を予定しておりましたSUNSHINE FESTIVAL2022につきまして諸般の事情により開催を中止することになりました。

特に今回のステージを製作するにあたり、必要不可欠な特殊技術を持ったデコレーターが来日できないケースにおいては万全の状態でSUNSHINE FESTIVALのコンセプトをお届けすることが困難な状況と判断し、苦渋の決断ではありますが開催を断念し中止とさせていただく結論に至りました。







今後ともSUNSHINE FESTIVAL を何卒よろしくお願い申し上げます。


Sunshine Festival 2022 Cancellation Notice:
Dear Friends and Families of Sunshine Festival,
We are deeply saddened to announce the cancellation of Sunshine Festival 2022 which was planned between the 17th ~19th of September. In light of the global Covid pandemic, the Japanese immigration Bureau is only issuing visas to a limited few and they were not able to grant our oversees artists to enter Japan. Not only the fact that we lose our main acts by Ace Ventura and Liquid Soul, but we rely heavily on the specialized knowledge of Artescape decoration crew from South Africa and Delta Process VJ crew from Italy. We considered many alternative ways to host this festival, but without those core components, we cannot ensure the Sunshine Festival quality and thus have no choice but to call it off.
We look forward to seeing you next year and will do our best to bring you the best.
About ticket refunds:
For those who have purchased tickets through Peatix, we will soon send information regarding ticket refunds.
Once again, we are truly sorry to disappoint you all. We have put a lot of time and effort to organize this…and we are devastated just like you. We will shift this energy to the creation of Sunshine Festival 2023 to make it better than ever before.
Thank you for understanding.

Peace and love,
Sunshine Family