Green Land Naeba – Japan 2020/9/19-22

DJ Set




Yumii ( Merkaba Music )
ブラジルの巨大トランスフェス‘Univeso Paralello‘ への参加をきっかけに、‘Boom Festival‘ ‘Ozora’ ‘Psyfi‘ など、海外フェスティバルへの出演も多い。
国内においては、トランスフェスやチルアウト系イベントでの活動の他、インスタレーションアート 集団【MIRRORBOWLER】とのコラボレーション、‘春風モーニングヨガ‘でのDJ、ラジオ、ファッショ ンショウ、ダンスWS、マッサージサロンへのDJmix提供など、活動領域を自由自在に広げ続けている。
2019年よりオーストラリアの【Merkaba Music】のレーベルDJになり、よりシャーマニックかつ森羅 万象との共鳴的な音世界を追求し始める。


【English Version 】
DJ Yumii( Merkabamusic)
Yumii is a DJ, sound healer, musician, performer, reiki master teacher, and spiritual healer, born in Tokyo, Japan.
Her musical career began at the age of three, when she started playing the electronic organ and piano. In her teens, Yumii discovered the world of dance music, first and foremost as a free-time dance enthusiast. Eventually, her passion for music became her full-time occupation.
By 2004, she embarked on an adventure as a DJ, playing across some of Tokyo’s ‘lounge’ clubs. The magical world of sound introduced her to a whole new dimension, inspiring her to seek the healing power of music through various experiences of song and dance.
Yumii plays deep ambiental music – a beautiful companion, that resonates perfectly with trance music. In her freestyle sets, she crosses over between different world music genres, such as electronic sound and folk music, as well as Middle Eastern and Western music. Yumii’s unique sound choices, combining various cultures and backgrounds, often form beautiful, transcendent mosaic patterns.
She plays both at home and overseas. Her performances at foreign festivals include “Universo Paralello” (Brazil), ”Boom Festival” (Portugal), ”Transahara”
(Morocco), ”PSY-FI” (Netherlands), ”The Experience Festival” (Thailand), ” O.Z.O.R.A. Festival” (Hungary), “ Festival Forte“ (Portugal), and many others. In Japan, she frequently performs at “Green Magic”, “Sunshine Festival”, ” Gentenkaiki”, ”Oneday OZORA in Tokyo”, etc.
In recent years, she has been involved in the organization of the chill-out party ZENZEN in Japan. In 2016/17, an ever growing demand for her sound at settings other than festivals prompted her, amongst other projects, to provide a light-up event at Kenji Miyazawa Fairy Tale Village in Hanamaki City, Iwate prefecture. Apart from that, she creates custom-made DJ mixes for massage therapy salons. As an active member, Yumii is also involved in band activities in Portugal, where she contributes her knowledge of piano / electronic organ carriers, gained i childhood. Yumii’s professional activities continue to expand year after year, adding new layers to her endless creativity.