Green Land Naeba – Japan 2020/9/19-22

DJ Set




KANKEEY( 天竺/ 阿羅漢 -ARAKAN- /Electro Armor )

2012年に長野県を拠点とする老舗Trance Crew「 Electro Armor 」のメンバーとしてDJのキャリアをスタート。
2020年に、野外イベントの開催を目的とする「 阿羅漢 -ARAKAN- 」を立ち上げ準備を進めている。
また、2021年に長野県を拠点とするイベント集団「 天竺 」に加入。
Play Styleは、ゴリゴリのNight soundが得意であるがGrooveに重きを置き、現場に合わせた選曲には定評がある。
2022年4月より、これまでのTSUYOSHIから「 DJ KanKey 」に名義を変更。
これからもKanKeey aka TSUYOSHI の活躍から目が離せない。

In 2012, KanKey began his DJ career as a member of Nagano based “Electro Armor”, a long-established Trance Crew with DJ name TSUYOSHI.
KanKey and Elector Armor has been a driving force in the Nagano Clubbing scene, always drawing audiences of over 200 to clubs in Nagano City, and has now moved his base to Matsumoto city.

In 2020, KanKey started to prepare for launching “阿羅漢-Arakan-” who aims to hold outdoor psytrance party. In 2021, Tsuyoshi joined “Tenjiku”, a legendary trance/techno party crew based in Nagano.
His playing style is composed of Progressive, Full-on, and Middle and he can adjust his mixing/selecting tracks as per the scene, but by any means he focuses on Groove and lock the dance floor with rumbling night sound.
In April, 2022, he changed his DJ name from DJ TSUYOSHI to DJ KanKeey. We should better keep our eyes on KanKeey’s (a.k.a TSUYOSHI) activities in the future.

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